Spring Plant Care_Houseplant Checklist

Growing Season is On!

Spring Houseplant Care in 3 Steps

It's official: the growing season just started!

In this article we give you some seasonal 3 simple tips to best take care of your plant buddies during Spring. 

1. Repot your plants if they need it. This will help prepare them for growth and watch them thriving during the growing season!

Main reasons to repot: the roots are growing through the drainage hole or pushing the plant out of the planter; growth velocity is low; the ground is drying too fast; the ground has been wet for too long.

2. Adjust your watering! As the light hours and intensity increase, your plants will start using up water more quickly and may need to be watered more frequently as a result.Consider temperature & light

3. Trim, prune, and clean your plants! Cut off those dead leaves and frequently clean all the leaves so they can enjoy the brighter light!

Spring cleaning ritual: some of your plants will enjoy an occasional shower!


We curate the plants that will happily grow around you. They will look even more beautiful this Spring. Take a look at them!

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