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Why we're building a community of plant-pet lovers

Curae is a place to go for positivity, starting with this online shop made with love.


It was our own journey with mental well-being that led us to create curae. It was our own experience that showed us how powerful indoor nature can be in making us feel less boxed in, in caring us back when we focus our energy taking care of it.

Achieving inner peace is challenging. We're exposed to a fast-pace environment, experiencing the hustle of the city and spending a big part of our day in front of screens. We often forget to stop and just be present.

More is more

It's definitely one of our mottos. Why? Because indoor nature not only looks good, it makes us feel good. The more plants and pets we surround ourselves with, the more brightening our life will be.

There are infinite science-backed reasons why plants and pets exist to make our lives better. Still have doubts?


  • Pets make us feel safe and provide us a sense of companionship 
  • Pets give us an opportunity to go outside; they make us fit
  • Pets decrease our stress levels and heart rate variability
  • Pets can teach our kids responsibility and stop them from having allergies
  • Pets decrease feelings of loneliness
  • Pets love us unconditionally

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  • Plants boost creativity, focus, productivity and mental clarity
  • Plants give us a mindful routine
  • Plants boost our immune system especially in flu season
  • Plants help reduce our stress as we channel stress into nurturing
  • Plants purify the air we breathe and reduce noise levels
  • Plants make us feel less boxed in

Mindful present, bright future

Curae will be the heart of a community of mindful people, surrounded by plants and pets, and who aspire to feel and be better by caring - taking care of their plants and pets and feeling the goods of doing so.

While we’re growing, we’re creating a space to hold intimate, caring gatherings and well-being events. A place where pets are invited as people, and plants will green up our spirit. We are planning this for 2021.

In this space, that will also be yours, you will take a break from the everyday hustle, let the indoor nature take care of you, and connect with other plant-pet-loving people, simply by enjoying the present moment.

Curae opens up for creation, contemplation and connection - a true caring experience.

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