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Our Dream

Dreaming of a people & plant & pet paradise

With curae, we are here to reinforce the power of taking care of our one big family, of plants and pets, while taking care of our inner being.

Modern city-living makes us stressed and less present. We believe in a world where caring for each other makes us achieve consistent inner balance. Caring changes our whole energy and environment - our minds, our homes, our workspaces and our relations.

Our mission starts by selling plants as a caring experience, providing easy tools and community support, and curating the plants that will happily grow around people. We aim to make life easier for plant & pet lovers and people who are new to the plant world. You’ll be invited to nurture your mind along with planting, and feel less boxed in.

We believe in the power of gifting and that, with plants, more is more - the more plants we surround ourselves with, the more brightening our life will be. That’s why we launched in december, the perfect Christmas gift to warm up your family spirit!

You can choose to adopt 1 plant, but the magic happens when you adopt 2, 4, 8 or 12 plants at once! Different packages relate with different benefits - you can pick Surprise, Inner Peace, Creativity, Gratitude, Confidence or Abundance.

Despite the quantity, your plants will always come with a beautiful bag which includes a 2in1 postcard and care guide, a well-being card for you, plant adoption certificates, and many tips on how to best take care of your new buddies. To this, you can always add a gift card and a repotting kit.

Our plans for the future include a subscription based program that will help you smoothly introduce green to your life and slowly build your confidence into planting. They also include a physical space in 2021, to hold intimate, caring gatherings and well-being events. A place where pets are invited as people, and plants will green up our spirit, where you can take a break from the everyday hustle, let the indoor nature take care of you, and connect  with other plant-pet-loving people, simply enjoying the present moment.

This online, made with love, plant-shop is just the beginning of a caring journey.


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