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Triple #pawsitivity

Conversas com Animais

In this Pet Parenthood section we have an explosion of cuteness! Besides our lovely Maria 👸, we're lucky to present you to Koi, Buba and Doc. You'll fall in love with these 3!! #triplepawsitivity


How did Koi, Buba and Doc come into your life?

Both Buba and Koi have been my gifts for years (by far the best gifts I have ever received).

Buba was abandoned in the middle of the road. A friend of my father stayed with her provisionally. To my great luck, my parents didn't know what to give me for my 15 years!

In 2016, I went to Bali where my favorite restaurant became Koi. I went there every day for 7 days. At the time, Buba was on my farm and I wanted to have a dog at home again. I wanted a Koi, which was decided in Bali, months before I had my Koi. The one who was not convinced was my mother, who had told me she would never have another dog. After months of despair, two days before my birthday, I arrived home and found a mini Koi waiting for me! With great effort and patience, my boyfriend at the time, and my sister spent weeks convincing my mother. They made it!

Finally, Doc. I was on my cousin's birthday when I found a Facebook post saying “we're giving a dog”. I just couldn't resist the brown spots and those green eyes. We went to pick him up the next day and learned that he had had an owner for a few weeks who had treated him badly. From then on it was just love for him!

What do they mean to you?

I like to say that I have a small family (since in addition to these 3, I have two more dogs on my grandparents' farm). Doc is also on the farm, but Buba and Koi are the best companions I could ask for. Until we had dogs, it was hard to imagine how they could become so special and how much we would love them.

How do they change your life every day?

When people ask me what' the best part of having a dog, I always give the same example: there's no better feeling than coming home and having my hysterical bitches (in a good way) ready to welcome me. It's a daily explosion of joy and energy that makes my day a little better. A good day gets better with them, and a bad day gets a little less bad with them around.
Of course, there are also all the obligations that having dogs entails, such as walking, cleaning, grooming, going to the vet, associated costs, etc. However, all of this just taught me to be more responsible as they depend on me.

What did they teach you about you?

Above all, I can be a good mother. For now only dogs, but one day, I hope, babies. It also made me a sweeter person, who spends the day cuddling with the dogs!

Long story short, taking care of these 3 lovely beings means:

It means immeasurable love and infinite caring, with some occasional annoyances that lose all importance when compared to all the positive benefits of having them with me.

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