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In this Pet Parenthood section we have a number of reasons to celebrate! First of all, it's Diogo's birthday today! Resultado de imagem para party emoji And this year he's celebrating it with Joana, his princess, and their biggest love: Paco, also known as Paquito!

Paco is the result of a beautiful love story, and also a successful adoption case. He was lucky to find a family who loves him and gave him a new, happy life. Not surprisingly, Paco has given them 200% of his love back. Resultado de imagem para heart emoji

In this article, we interviewed his mother Joana.


How did Paco come into your life?

We adopted this beautiful little boy last year. Paco was almost 2 years old.

What does he mean to you both?

Paco is our baby. He’s part of our family and we love him. We do everything for him.

How does Paquito change your life every day?

Our life has changed for the better and we can no longer imagine our life without him. There are many more walks, snuggling, and reasons to laugh since Paquito joined us. We started meeting more people. Wherever he goes, people approach us to meet him. Our Paco is a star! Resultado de imagem para star emoji

What did he teach you about you?

He taught us to be more caring, to stop more often and simply enjoy each other's company without the need for distractions. He taught us that the responsibility to care is not an obligation at all, when we do it with willingness and love.

Long story short, taking care of Paco means:

It means love, most of all. A lot more good moments but also of concern, as we want him to live for years with us.

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