Plants & Vacay

Plants & Vacay

How to keep plants alive while you're on vacation

You'll be away for a while and you're afraid to lose your Plant Family alone? No need to worry, Plant Geek will put it simple!

Having 60+ plants at home gave us enough experience of what works and what doesn't. Plants are part of our big family, and we want them healthy even when we neglect them a bit. Taking care of your plants is not rocket science. Most of all, you need to speak their language and understand them - they get used to the way you take care of them.

Here we give you some tips.

Keep the family together according to different needs

Plants are like people - they benefit each other by being closer together. While on vacation, Plant Geek advises you to group them by type, size and needs, as some of them won't need much attention while you're away (e.g. succulents) while others will need specific air and water conditions (e.g. most tropical ones).

In general, smaller plants need more attention.

Think about sitting plants on a watered tray with pebbles

Overwatering can cause roots to rot, so do not sit your buddies in water (old grandmother's advices are not always right!). Instead, you can fill a tray with pebbles, top it off with water, and sit your plant on top of the pebbles.

Consider temperature & light

No matter the season, most plants tend to like moderate conditions, so tweak your heat or AC accordingly (the temperature should always be up to 55 degrees). You may want to close the windows while you're away, but remember to leave your plants in a bright spot with indirect light;

Water before you leave

You take baths, you may have bathed your pet before, what about your plants?! Before you leave, you may want to give them a good shower, but be careful with overwatering. Don't do it with your buddies that are not used to it.

Split your Plant Families between the ones you water more and less often. ZZ (Zamioculcas), Snake (Sansevieria), Dragon (Dracaena) and Green Draped (Philodendron) are great examples of tropical buddies that can easily stand 2 weeks without being watered.


We curated the 12 plants that will happily grow around you. They're part of the group of plants that will make you smile after a long vacation. They are beautiful and resistant. Take a look at them!



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