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Conversas com Animais

Meet Carolina 👸, pet-lover and pro photographer (the detailed photos of our plants speak for themselves). Meet Sasha 🐶,so far the most fluffy dog in our community! With them, we start our Pet Parenthood real stories. Stay tuned!

How did Sasha come into your life?

My sister and I are allergic to cat and dog hair. However, we've always wanted to have a pet, especially a dog. It was then after former US President, Barack Obama, gifted his daughters with an hypoallergenic dog, that we discoved the Portuguese waterdog breed. Our parents offered us Sasha as the most meaningful gift.

In August 2009, during a car ride, they told us they had a water-related surprise for us. Along the way, we tried to guess. We were convinced that we were going to a water park! Little did we know that we were going to meet our girl… 

What does Sasha mean to you?

All. More than an animal, more than a person. Means pure, mutual love. A sister and daughter in the true meaning of words.

How does Sasha change your life every day?

Sasha makes our lives happier. With more joy, friendship, love. Putting it simple: Sasha makes us better people. Our days would be incomplete without the party when we return home, the toy teasing and warfare, all our crazy moments together, the hugs, kisses and licks. It is very special to feel Sasha caring us back.

What did Sasha teach you about you?

Sasha keeps teaching us how to strengthen values ​​of responsibility, loyalty and companionship. Above all, it brings out the taste, the honor and the gratitude that we have in being lucky enough to be able to take care of a very special being.

Long story short, taking care of Sasha means:

Having a symbiotic relationship of unconditional love, regardless of who we are. It means giving all of us and protecting her, as we would do with a child.

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